Every detail counts

Design patent drawings serve as a visual representation of the product, highlighting its unique features, shape and overall appearance. These drawings can be used to demonstrate how the design is used in various contexts, such as in product packaging or marketing materials.

Every line, hatch, and view is extremely important to portray accurately. That’s why our highly skilled and creative design team is fluent in both USPTO and foreign design patent requirements.

Is this your first design patent?

Here’s IPI’s word of advice for beginners. 

If you’re an individual inventor or business that is brand new to the patent world and want to protect your products, we highly recommend seeking out the guidance of a patent attorney. They can help you through the complicated patent application process, ensure that your drawings are accurate, and identify potential issues or objections that may arise when filing.

Check out the USPTO website for general information about design patents.

Ready to start?

Efficiency is kind of our thing.

See below the files and additional information that can speed up the process for your design patent drawings.

Files We Can Use

We accept sketches, photos and/or renderings in the following formats:

Design Patent Views

In order to fully enable your design patent, we recommend the following drawing views:

Additional Information

Please provide any of the following information if applicable:

Other services

Check out other ways to protect your inventions and brand.

Utility Patents

We provide a wide range of utility drawings like basic flowcharts, complex schematic diagrams and mechanical drawings. With our meticulous proofreading, we can make sure every reference number is accounted for.


Collaborate with us to create your trademark from scratch or fine-tune an already existing logo. We can help you protect your brand name against infringement and nasty competitors.