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Utility patent drawings help illustrate the different components of your invention, how they work together, and how they can be assembled.

These types of illustrations can be very technical and complex, and it's important that they are created with precision and accuracy. This is why many inventors and attorneys choose to work with IP Illustration. We take pride in meticulously proofreading every reference number, lead line and arrow head to ensure that you receive the most precise and reliable utility patent drawings available.

Is this your first utility patent?

Here’s IPI’s word of advice for beginners. 

If you’re an individual inventor or business that is brand new to the patent world and want to protect your inventions, we highly recommend seeking out the guidance of a patent attorney. They can help you through the complicated patent application process, ensure that your drawings are accurate, and identify potential issues or objections that may arise when filing.

Check out the USPTO website for general information about utility patents.

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