What files should I send for my design patent?

IP Illustration accepts sketches, photos and/or renderings in the following formats:

Types Of Files We Can Work With

  • CAD files / Solid Models
  • .STP
  • Inventor (.IPT or .ASM)
  • Solidworks (.SLDASM or SLDPRT)
  • Vector Drawings (.SVG, .EPS and .AI)

*We can also easily work from a prototype of your invention.

In order to fully enable your design patent, we reccommend the following drawing views:

Design Patent Views

  • Perspective
  • Front Elevation
  • Rear Elevation
  • Right side
  • Left side
  • Top View
  • Bottom View
  • Alternate perspective (as necessary)

Replacement Sheets

Please provide:

  • Office Action
  • Copy of the drawings as filed
  • Specify the country in which the corrected drawings will be filed

Additional Information

Specify claimed vs. unclaimed matter – if known.

Specify the countries in which you will be filing.

Provide a filing deadline or date by which you would like to receive the drawings.